Coronavirus: False and misleading claims about vaccines debunked, BBC News

Coronavirus: False and misleading claims about vaccines debunked

Misinformation about coronavirus vaccine trials has been spreading on social media.

Image copyright SOPA Images In the week that Oxford University announced promising results from its coronavirus vaccine trial, we’re looking at claims on social media about vaccines and misleading statements about their safety.The anti-vaccination movement has gained traction online in recent years, and campaigners opposed to vaccination have moved their focus to making claims relating to the coronavirus.Claim about the impact on DNAFirst, a video containing inaccurate claims about coronavirus vaccine trials, made by osteopath Carrie Madej, that has proved popular on social media. Carrie Madej’s video makes a false claim that the vaccines will change recipients’ DNA (which carries genetic information). “The Covid-19 vaccines are designed to make us into genetically modified organisms.” She also claims – without any evidence – that vaccines will “hook us all up to an artificial intelligence interfa

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