COVID-19’s Long-Term Effects Raise the Stakes of the Game., Human Events

COVID-19’s Long-Term Effects Raise the Stakes of the Game.

This isn’t “just a flu.”

Despite the surge of new cases of COVID-19, increases in the percentage of positive tests, and scores of ICUs at or near capacity, some commentators are still saying things like, “The so-called surge in cases is more fake news pushed by media cheerleaders eager to destroy the U.S. economy and culture if it makes Trump a one-term president,” and “in fact, our pandemic nightmare might well be coming to an end.” They and others emphasize that the daily number of Covid-19 deaths has been trending down since April (due to better medical management and the decreasing age of those infected, who have better outcomes than older persons). That is, of course, good news, but it is far from the whole story. The quotes above are from July 6 and 7, respectively. Only ten days later, the daily number of U.S. cases of Covid-19 reached an all-time high of almost 76,000, and hospitals were becoming overwhelmed in parts of several sunbelt states. [W]e now know that many who recover from the initial symptoms of COVID-19 experience serious and long-lasting sequelae, or abnormalities resulting from the illness. Earlier this month, I wrote about the importance to public health of “flattening the curve” of

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